Liberty Bell Replicas

Bell Foundry Christoph provides authentic Liberty Bell replicas in three different sizes:  full size, (at 44 ½” diameter and 2,080 pounds), 1/2 size, and 1/3 size.

The bells are provided with clapper, wooden yoke, and authentic fittings; the markings and inscriptions replicate the Liberty Bell down to the nail that was placed in the crack.  The bell arrives polished and will patina naturally over time of you may choose to have a polyurethane finish applied to keep the bell shiny.

Each Liberty Bell replica is meticulously crafted by hand, carefully cast using the lost wax process, the same process used for making fine bronze sculpture.  Using precise measurements, members of the foundry staff painstakingly recreated the historic text and markings of the bell, including recreating the cosmetic appearance of the crack, and used that to make the casting molds for our replicas. 

Cast only of bronze, our Liberty Bell replicas are composed of a mixture of 78% copper and 22% tin.

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