Bell Tower

Since their original implementation in towns across Europe in the 11th century, bell towers have evolved from necessity to more of a decorative element, but their classic style makes them a premier choice for anyone who is looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of any landscaping, business campus, university or any other application where a bell tower would be appropriate.

Bell towers can be the central focus of the areas where they are featured, because they can be lavishly decorated with tasteful accessories and beautifully sounding bells that give them their distinction.

Bell Foundry Christoph can help you design and construct a tower for your specific application. We are passionate about creating crafted towers that use toned instruments that are one of a kind.

Bell Tower Construction

Structural steel or brick and mortar designs are used to construct world-class towers, fabricated to complement the aesthetic value of any layout. Bell Foundry Christoph also has the capability to work with architects and builders to custom design a tower that is as individualized for your application.

The bells used in our towers are designed to deliver a prime tone that is based on a specific musical note. The hum, minor third, fifth and octave tones, which are all a result of the initial strike, will also be tuned to ring with clarity and musical accuracy. We use a simple tuning fork and high-end digital equipment to make sure that the bell instruments ring with precision.

Bell Tower Craftsmanship

The highest standards are used for craftsmanship into building towers that are top quality – we are committed to perfection. Our towers are crafted to amaze, with classically appealing designs that feature bells that chime pitch perfectly and generate a resonance that is completely unique. A Bell Foundry Christoph tower can be the perfect accent to any project.

What is the history of the bell tower?

Traditionally, bell towers were constructed to inform citizens in a town or city of certain things, like the current time, special events like funerals and weddings, if there was an emergency or when it was time to worship. They were effective because they were built to accommodate the size of the city or town they were featured in.

The larger the town was, the taller and louder the bell tower had to be, because its echoes needed to resonate far enough to reach citizens who lived further away from where it was standing. It was very important to locate bell towers as close to the center of the city as possible, because this was the easiest way to make sure its signal could be heard from any surrounding area, so that if citizens needed to respond quickly to any event, they could.

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