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Cast Bronze Bell Installations & Experts

Bell Foundry Christoph located in historic Charleston, specializes in the musical and technical design, installation, and service of cast bronze bells, chimes, carillons, glockenspiels, turnkey bell and clock towers.

Bell Foundry Christoph is a musically-oriented company. While the CAD design, engineering, nuts and bolts of mounting and installing bells in towers are very important, our primary focus is on the musical and aesthetic creation of musical installations that serve the unique needs of each client. We perform the design and manufacturing of steel bell frames, bell and clock towers, and more, in our own facilities. The company has completed thousands of projects large and small across the U.S. and Canada, and other international sites on behalf of churches, municipalities, schools and universities, private buyers, and others. We service and maintain with our own factory trained personnel all of our installations.


A glockenspiel uses animated figurines moving about to perform a play or skit, with carillon music and voice narration at scheduled days and times, (often several times a day). The story that the glockenspiel performs is often one that is important to the history of a town or region or business. More often than not, a glockenspiel includes the animated figurines, (human and animals), along with bells and clocks and are typically housed in a custom tower.

A glockenspiel is an important architectural and heritage feature that draws visitors and tourists of all types, but most often those who are more interested in learning more about the culture and history of a region in their travels.


Glockenspiel bell instruments originated in Europe and were frequently placed on the town square or city plaza where passersby could enjoy them. In addition to being architecturally unique, Glockenspiel bells use animated figures that, at different times of the day, enact a play or skit that is important to the town’s history. The glockenspiel also makes music and include cast bronze bell carillons.

Together these instruments offer some of the most unique and culturally entertaining performances displayed in public.


One of the most famous glockenspiel clocks is located at the front of the Rathaus on Marienplatz in Munich, Germany.

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, the glockenspiel clock is the largest in Germany. The carillon has 43 bells, which together weigh in excess of 1,300 kilograms (more than 2,800 lbs) and includes 32 life-sized figures.

This glockenspiel bell instrument celebrates two different events from Munich’s past. The top half re-enacts life-sized knights jousting in a tournament which took place at Duke Wilhelm V’s royal wedding to Renata of Lorraine. These tournaments were common in celebrations, and such a historic wedding deserved both the recognition of such a celebration, as well as its re-enactment among the glockenspiel bells.
The bottom half shows barrel makers, or coopers, dancing in memory of the end of the black plague in 1517. This was significant as the barrel makers were the first group of people to come out of hiding and danced to mark the end of the plague.

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